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Originally published in 1971, this book was hailed as the most comprehensive collection of photos, paintings, and drawings documenting the history, development, and customs of the city of New Orleans that has ever been produced. From La Salle’s claim of the Louisiana territory in the name of France in 1682 to the decisive Battle of New Orleans in 1815 to the rapid growth of the mid- to late-nineteenth century, historian Leonard V. Huber provides a chronological study of this unforgettable city that is both extensive and educational.
Over one thousand revealing pictures encapsulate such events, records, and developments as the early settlers’ confrontation of the Indians, the first plans for the city, the French and Spanish regimes, the evolution of architectural styles, the growth of Canal Street into the major thoroughfare in the city, the mysterious “cities of the dead,” infamous natural disasters that crippled the city, Bourbon Street, the unique ferry and streetcar systems, the romantic steamboat era, the bustling French Market, the influence of jazz, and much, much more. The phenomenon of Mardi Gras is dealt with extensively, as are the cultural offerings of the city (theatre, opera, fine arts, and cuisine) throughout history.

Pelican’s reprint of this authoritative volume is a useful record for residents, historians, students, and tourists alike, bringing to life the fascinating history of one of the most famous and charming cities in the world.

A Pictorial History
By Leonard V. Huber
Foreword by Charles L. Dufour
HISTORY / United States / State & Local / South
384 pp. 8 1/4 x 10 3/4
479 photos
492 illus. 13 maps Biblio. Index
ISBN: 9781455619658

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