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Storyville, New Orleans
Being an Authentic, Illustrated Account of the Nortorious Red Light District
by Al Rose

Quality Paper
1978. 240 pp.

"The book is well-written and has a fast, joyfully loose, innovative pace—like one of Jelly Roll Morton's ragtime performances. . . . You can almost get the feeling that if you went down to Canal and Basin streets and walked a block or two downtown, you might just find the district still there, and the tinkle of beer glasses and piano keys coming out of the open doors of the nearest saloon."—Louisiana History

"Taped interviews with Storyville 'survivors' are frankly irresistible—and irresistibly frank."—Chicago Tribune

"This is the true story of the quarter, complete and unabridged. . . . Compelling reading."—Jazz Journal

"Al Rose is the first to research fully and set down, no holds barred, the entire story of the legendary New Orleans red-light district from beginning to end. . . . Frank but never salacious, Rose's book is shocking only in the closing seven taped 'reminiscences' of surviving madams, whores, and others. Rare photos, maps, and other illustrations."—Publishers Weekly

"A convincing and lively picture of Storyville as it really was."—The Book Exchange (London)

"A fascinating and very readable account of the madames of Basin Street and the atmosphere of liberality they created in New Orleans at the turn of the century."
—The Urban and Social Change Review

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