Hand-painted silk scarf inspired by the painting Backyard in Covington by Ellsworth Woodward, 1930s.

Kathy Schorr, New Orleans native, started painting on silk, while living in Paris, in 1991. After 2 years of working with a small company there, she returned to her hometown to create her own designs, mostly in the forms of scarves and wall hangings. Kathy shows her work in galleries and receives commissions from all over the country, and has been designing the N.O. Jazz Festival “How-ah-ya” shirt since 1997.

The technique used in Kathy's silk paintings is called the Gutta-Resist method. The design is drawn with the Gutta, a rubber based substance, which penetrates the silk to create the barriers that keep all the dye colors separated and from bleeding into each other, giving her work a stained glass effect. Each scarf is individually drawn and painted by Kathy.

Scarf measures approximately 36" x 36"


Item #009886

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