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As we approach 2018, we honor our city’s history and her place in the world. New Orleans is a resilient city, as history has proven many times over. We have faced and overcome the challenges of rebuilding a great city after fire, war, and disasters—both natural and manmade. With the Tricentennial, we now have the opportunity to celebrate the hard work of generations of New Orleanians who have made us one of the world’s most authentic and beloved cities and to remember the fullness, richness, and diversity of our history as it should have always been remembered.

Mignon Faget’s Tricentennial Sheared Fleur de Lis Pin
Pin from the Louisiana Collection. Sterling Silver. The City of New Orleans will celebrate the 300th Anniversary of its founding in 2018. Mignon Faget’s Tricentennial Collection benefits the 2018 NOLA Foundation.

Item #008822

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