Nightlight measure 3" x 3" and come with a 4 watt light bulb.
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Reproduction print of James Booker photo by Michael P. Smith
James Booker at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, 1978; photograph by Michael P. Smith
The Historic New Orleans Collection, 2007.0103.2.244

Michael P. Smith
From 1968 to 2004, New Orleans native Michael P. Smith (1937-2008) immersed himself in the larger world of the Crescent City’s musical culture. At public events-music festivals, concerts, and street parades of all types-he was there with his Nikon cameras and, beginning around 1983, a tape recorder. He served as the unofficial photographer for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival for more than thirty years and was also a founder of Tipitina’s. Over time, he earned the trust of local musicians and churchgoers who gave him access to practices and services often hidden from the public eye. These relationships allowed him to create a photographic record bearing witness to elusive cultural and spiritual events.
Smith began his photography using black and white film, which he typically processed and printed himself. After he started using color film (principally 35 mm slide film) he entrusted the processing and printing of those pictures to different processing labs, with which he worked closely.
In the spring of 2007 The Historic New Orleans Collection acquired the archive of Michael P. Smith, consisting of negatives, prints, audio recordings, papers, and ephemera, along with the copyright to his work. The Michael P. Smith Archive is housed at The Historic New Orleans Collection’s Williams Research Center, located at 410 Chartres Street in the French Quarter.


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