In 1811 the first steamboat started plying the waterways of the Mighty Mississippi River. The name of the boat was New Orleans.

In our design, the first panels depict the turbulent waters of the Mississippi. Next, you'll find the ornate wooden pillars which make up a balustrade around the deck of a sterndrive paddlewheeler. The next layer contains the Steam power, it consists of the paddle wheel itself and the smokestacks. After that, you'll find the banks of the Mississippi, and behind that a motif of Jackson Square, the historical center of New Orleans.

Written on the side of the boat is Queen. Queen is a nod to the history of paddlewheel boats that bore that name including such famous boats as, American Queen, Delta Queen, and Creole Queen

The product is packaged in a flat sleeve and created from 8 different layers. Included in the package are 8 connecting tabs that are needed for construction. Putting it together is easy, though from experience we recommend construction by those age 10 and above.

The assembled size is
H 5.8"
W 3.8"
D 2.5"

Item #012907

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