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Handmade by millworker Nick Conner.
Walnut Salt Cellar acorn, bottom with lid.
approximately 4" high by 2 3/8" wide at widest part (lid)

Nick Conner is a New Orleanian who grew up 100 miles away in rural Mississippi. He studied
music and earned a BM in music performance from USM in 2001. He then lived abroad in
France where he learned French, and later Chicago where he learned carpentry. It was there
that he realized that woodworking was his calling. After Hurricane Katrina, he knew it was time
to come home, moving to New Orleans in 2007. Nick opened ‘Conner Millworks’ here in 2008,
where he continues to reproduce historic architectural woodwork in New Orleans. As an artist,
he expresses his creativity using the skills, techniques and materials available to him as a
professional woodworker.
Artist’s Statement
I aim to create simple inspired woodenware to live with, using mostly traditional woodworking
techniques and wood salvaged from the New Orleans area. I view wood as a gift from nature:
the ultimate renewable resource!
Using local wood from New Orleans brings such meaningfulness to the piece, grounding it in the
soil of the city- sometimes even for hundreds of years. Knowing that this is wood that would
otherwise be shredded into mulch or left to rot on the roadside is value added.
My design approach is to create things that are simple in form, to allow the wood to be the focal
point. Each item is made from an original design or improvisation that means to show
thoughtfulness in its make and a reverence for the material. Though not all of my work is useful
(sometimes I just make curiosities) it is all meant to be handled and enjoyed for a lifetime and
then some!
Care for Your New Item
Any piece that is sold unfinished can be finished by the purchaser- or not. To protect it from
excessive and staining from food, butcher block conditioner (made from beeswax and mineral
oil) sold at most big box stores is perfect. Alternatively, olive oil will also do just fine. Periodically
treat the wood with oil or beeswax as needed, when it appears dry. To clean wooden bowls and
ware, wipe with a clean damp cloth and set to dry before putting inside a cabinet.
DO NOT EVER put natural wood into water, a dishwasher, microwave, or oven.

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